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The Ghost Town Hot Air Ballooning Rafting
Dune Boarding Fishing Golfing
Paragliding Quad biking  
The Ghost Town

Kolmanskop is situated on the outskirts of Luderitz amongst the Namibian dunes. The ghost town once the Consolidated Diamond Mines head quarters, was a diamond boom town with a casino, a skittle alley and a theatre of great auditory renown. Diamonds were abundant in the area, rumored by some to be visible with the naked eye. Five million carats (about 1000 kilograms) of diamonds were mined here between 1911 and 1914.
However, the slump in diamond sales after WWI, the discovery of richer pickings at Oranjemund, severe water problems and a constant, sand-blasting wind ended its heyday and by 1956, the town was totally deserted.
Guided tours around this ghostly and fascinating town, whose buildings are being invaded by the advancing, sands. Some buildings have been restored, but many have been captured by the dunes."

Hot Air Ballooning
Hot air ballooning in Namibia is arguably the best way to take in the landscapes of this striking country. Floating high above the ground, you have a impressive, uninterrupted view of the gorgeous landscape below. Described as a somewhat magical experience, hot air ballooning is one of the oldest forms of flight known to man. Nowadays tailored to meet the needs of the public, hot air ballooning in the Namib Desert has become a highly sought after activity.

A hot air balloon trip will usually begin just before sunrise. You’ll gently lift off the ground to a height of approximately 10-20m and leisurely float along with the wind. At this height you’re able to have a glorious view of the sunrise as well as keep on the lookout for animals on the ground below. The panoramic views that you are privy to from this height leave many amazed as they witness the sunrise and the spreading light extending to the opposite horizon. It’s a magnificent experience and will leave you with a warm glow for weeks after.

The Kunene River is Namibia's foremost white-water rafting destination, promising rapids, waterfalls, crocodiles and adventure. When rafting, your body will be flooded with adrenalin allowing you no time to think as you push through the infamous Ondorusa Rapids. During your scheduled breaks you can relax in riverside pools, watch the wildlife and soak up the wilderness atmosphere.

The river cuts through the dry Kaokoveld and Namib Desert on its way to the Atlantic, creating a green strip of vegetation in a hostile land, one of Namibia's least explored wilderness of arid mountains and plains. The area is inhabited by the Himba an ancient tribe clinging to their centuries-old traditions, who travel with their herds in search of grazing.

The Epupa Falls are the highlight of the river; it is where the Kunene breaks up into several channels before hurtling into a deep chasm. Rafters can camp nearby and walk down to marvel at the falls, or swim in the pools at the base. This adventure affords you a chance to experience true wilderness away from well-travelled paths.

Dune Boarding
The seaside town of Swakopmund, where the Namib desert cascade into the sea, has become southern Africa's dune-boarding capital. Unlike sand boarding, where you navigate back and forth, dune boarding takes a more direct route, ie: straight down! No experience is necessary, just lie on your front on a large piece of hardboard, pull up the front edge of the board, tuck your elbows in - and go.

At Dune 7, one of the highest dunes in Namibia, people can learn to do dune boarding. You're driven out to the base of a mountain-sized sand dune, given a large oblong sheet of hardboard, some furniture polish, a pair of heavy industrial gloves, and some welding goggles, and next minute you're flying almost vertically downward. It feels suicidal; even on the easiest descents the board can pick up speeds of 60 or 70 km/hr. Steeper ones are much faster. Then you graduate to jumps, finally ending the day with the "Knucklegrinder," an 800-foot whoosh down to a hard gravel plain.
The Namibian coast, known for its unique scenic beauty, is also regarded as one of the best fishing grounds in the world. On offer is fishing in ski boats with 4 - 8 persons per boat along the coast: half-day or day trips with all necessary angling equipment, bait and experienced guide, fishing trips with duration of several days, game fishing excursions. Beach fishing with 4x4 vehicles can also be arranged. All boats are surveyed annually and have seaworthy certificates for all safety, radio, and navigational equipment required. Skippers are in possession of valid skipper’s tickets. Game fishing is done in deep sea for snoek, yellowtail and tuna and organized from November till March.

Shark angling is becoming an increasingly popular sport in Namibia. Because certain species are mainly found in shallow waters, at a depth up to 100 m, sharks are often taken by sports anglers. The bigger shark species, when caught, are normally tagged and returned to the sea. The season for shark angling is from November to May. The confluence of the Chobe and Zambezi rivers, in the eastern Caprivi, is an excellent area for fly fishing. This is a good area to catch Tiger Fish.
Golf can take hold in the most unlikely of places, capturing the imagination and leading the young to dream. Namibia is without a doubt one of the most captivating countries in Africa. For golfers who enjoy a challenge and a complete change of scenery, Namibia offers the Windhoek Country Club, the Bush Course of Tsumeb, the Rössmund Country Club near Swakopmund and more, all unique different.

Rossmund Desert Golf Course is a private golf course in Swakopmund, Namibia. It is located 6 km outside of Swakopmund on the B2 on the way to Windhoek on the Swakop River. Stroll amongst the wild life and enjoy the resident buck and morning duets of the desert strike. Golfing on this 6 068 metre par 72 fully grassed 18-hole golf course with its year round quality fairways and slick greens is enormously rewarding. It was designed by Gary Player.

Lüderitz Golf Course, is a rough and tough course with no grass. It is only possible to play this course during the months from March to October as it is simply too windy to play here the rest of the year. Keetmanshoop Golf Course, this 70 year old golf course in Keetmanshoop boasts a newly built club house and sophisticated computerised handicap system.

Swakopmund is the activity centre of Southern Africa. You can basically do anything here from quad biking to sand boarding to skydiving and paragliding. Operators offer beginners and advance coarses, this will give you an amazing opportunity to learn the basics and depending on your application of the lesson, you will get to fly up to 5 times from the dunes on the same day.

The basic course is designed to allow anybody who is interested in Paragliding to get the best and safest initial training in ground handling on the sand dunes. Upon successful completion of this course, you will be equipped with the knowledge and training to be able to soar along the dunes endlessly. The most exhausting part would be having to climb back up the sand dune for the next flight.

If you are already a pilot who has dune experience but have not been flying on the dunes for a while, on offer is a currency skill evaluation. This will be to satisfy the local clubs and instructors that you can fly competently, safely and that you have acquired the correct location information for ground handling and dune flying.

Quad biking
Quad biking is a very popular fun and exciting pass time for individuals and families. It is also a favourite activity amongst many companies wishing to get their staff out of the office for a couple of hours, half or full day and have some fun or team building.

No previous motor biking experience is needed and you can choose from two types of bike. Those who are a little hesitant of their biking ability there are 160cc semi-automatic bikes, and the 200cc manual bikes if you have some idea of what they are doing. Helmets, goggles and gloves are provided. Your guide will brief you on the terrain you will be riding on, as well as give clear descriptions on the hand signals and explain the controls of the quad bike you will use for your trip.

Tours are multi-guiding with slow and fast groups in the same tour, catering for both the adrenalin seeker and the complete novice. This exciting excursion starts on the edge of the Swakop River bed, crosses some gravel plains and goes into the dune belt where the fun starts.